A fanblog made to support the Lebanese band: Mashrou' Leila
(Who are Mashrou' leila?)

Hamed Sinno / Ibrahim Badr / Carl Gerges / Haig Papazian / Omaya Malaeb / Firas Abou Fakher

Disclaimer: this is a fan blog, we are in no way affiliated with Mashrou' Leila. WE ARE JUST FANS.


Pictures from the unreleased music video of ‘Imm El-jacket’ 
Special thanks to Maged El-taher for those photos

Hamed and Bob with Salma Hayek -  Cannes Film Festival

Leila with Salma Hayek -  Cannes Film Festival

Carl Gerges with Paris Hilton -  Cannes Film Festival

Leila in Cannes Film Festival

Haig for My Kali Magazine.

Tango Al Amal / Beirut Speaks Jazz Concert 

Ana Lak Ala Tool / Porto Cairo Soundcheck 

La mosh ana el abky / Porto Cairo soundcheck