A fanblog made to support the Lebanese band: Mashrou' Leila
(Who are Mashrou' leila?)

Hamed Sinno / Ibrahim Badr / Carl Gerges / Haig Papazian / Omaya Malaeb / Firas Abou Fakher

Disclaimer: this is a fan blog, we are in no way affiliated with Mashrou' Leila. WE ARE JUST FANS.

Q: عطيني اسمائهم بالعربي؟

حامد سنّو 
هايك بابازيان
كارل جرجس
فراس ابو فخر
ابراهيم بدر

Q: ممكن تحطين كلمات البومهم رقصوك؟

موجودين هنا و هنا

Q: When did the band start?

February, 2008

Q: What is that F.A.Q ?

Frequently asked questions. 

Q: they say that hamed is gay is that correct ? plz answer me

I don’t answer questions that are answered in the F.A.Q. 
And I’ve wrote there that I won’t answer any questions regarding the band members’ sexual orientations but yes Hamed is gay. I’m going to add this in the F.A.Q. page since it’s not the first time someone asked. But please do read the page before asking.